Mission and Vision

INDIGO’s mission is to provide an open and inclusive space for reflection, discussion and action regarding the contemporary interpretation an application of traditionally inspired Indigenous design. To promote, encourage and facilitate relevance while respecting its historic and aboriginal legacy. INDIGO’s vision is to provide an online forum for sharing ideas, information that fosters discourse and understanding about the representation of Indigenous culture in design practice.

INDIGO’s vision is to provide a meeting place for sharing knowledge and act as a broad platform for international exchange relating to the representation of Indigenous culture in design.

As more and more designers work within a global context seemingly without borders, INDIGO provides a medium for design practice as it contributes to the formation of national cultural identities. Through its participants and projects, INDIGO will encourage and facilitate research to gain insights into what makes design distinctive to its home, the connections to the place where it is made and for whom it is made.

INDIGO encourages design practitioners to follow best-practice protocols when representing Indigenous culture in their designs. INDIGO supports the use of Indigenous design protocols including the International Indigenous Design Charter.