Adélia Borges

AdeliaAdélia Borges (Brazil) is an independent journalist, writer and curator on design. She is also a teacher of design history. From 2003 to 2007 she was the director of Museu da Casa Brasileira specialized in design and architecture, which belongs to the São Paulo State government. Adélia is the author of six books on design or designers. Her articles, catalogue texts, books and chapters from books have been published in Portuguese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, English, Italian and Japanese. Adélia has curated more than ten exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, such as Brazilian Chairs, New Alchimists, A History of Seating, Kumuro – Indigenous Benchs from Amazon, Brazilian Contemporary Design and Brazilian Design Today: Frontiers. Adélia is member of institutions as Design and Culture, Humanities Division, State University of New York, USA (Editorial Advisory Board); Raíz Diseño, Santiago, Chile (Directors Board); Morocco All Anonymous Art Marrakech, Morocco (Directors Bo

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