Anthony Frederick Ward

TonyAnthony Frederick Ward (Sarawak) To be born Australian in 1943 with immigrant Anglo Scots protestant, Irish catholic and Roma antecedents – at the peak of the Pacific War – brought its problems for this child of Empire during the sunset days of the insecure British colonial outpost in the Kulin Nation known as Melbourne. Problems that in their inevitable overcoming shaped his philosophy of design practice (and life) as an expression of autonomy through authorship – and in time the advocacy of this for others who sought it – through education. A half century of survival in a world expanding beyond the fence lines of an Australian suburban consciousness – he has embraced the opportunities that this changing world brought – and design as a practice offers. From advertising to education. From craft to the digitization of communication. From modernism to indigenous knowledge. AFW lectures in Communication (Graphic) Design at Swinburne University of Technology – Melbourne and Sarawak.

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