Hazel Gamec

HazelHazel Gamec (New Zealand) is a graduate of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), and also studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She has run an award-winning design consultancy and taught in the US, Japan and New Zealand.  She developed and implemented an international design programme at the Wanganui School of Design of the Universal College of Learning in Wanganui, New Zealand. Throughout her career, she has played a major role in transforming New Zealand into a world leader in design education in the areas of communication design, multimedia and animation. Wanganui graduates work all over the world and have provided Wetta Workshop (Peter Jackson/Lord of the Rings) with a consistent supply of talent. Prof. Gamec has also had a significant impact on the Maori community in New Zealand – it was her search for a book titled “The Maori”s of the Whanganui River” that brought her to Wanganui in the first place. She is held in extremely high regard for actively integrating Maori visual culture within the school and assisting many local Maori”s to pursue careers in design. Throughout her tenure at Wanganui, she changed the lives of many. The long list of success stories includes a local Maori youth who was living on the streets. Prof. Gamec took him under her wing and today he holds an Undergraduate Degree, Masters Degree and is currently a member of the university”s academic staff. Wanganui staff and students (past and present ) worship her and refer to her as a legend. Although originally from the United States, Prof. Gamec is regarded by New Zealanders as one of their Living Treasures.

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