INDIGO is managed and operated by Deakin University on behalf of ico-D, International Council of Design.  

A council of over 200 independent member organisations ico-D is a global network that shares common issues, commitments and standards. Together members create a unified voice for the global design community and drive a high level dialogue on the leading role design plays in society, culture and the economy. INDIGO is a example of how such global conversation can activate real change. 

INDIGO was founded in 2007 at the ico-D World Design Congress in La Habana, Cuba. On 20 November 2016 Deakin and ico-D signed a memorandum of understanding to work towards the transfer the management of INDIGO from ico-D to Deakin. The event took place at Greenland House, Copenhagen, Denmark: 


INDIGO is a co branded project of Ico-D (Montréal, Canada) and Deakin University (Melbourne & Geelong, Australia). A volunteer management team at Deakin University is supported by an international network of dedicated Indigenous and non-Indigenous design stakeholders who have committed their time, energy and expertise to realising INDIGO’s mission and vision.

INDIGO is also connected by regional design associations, universities, companies and individual practitioners across the globe.