International Indigenous Design Charter


International Design Charter Communication Design

The International Indigenous Design Charter is a self-regulated, professional best practice guide. The document does not claim to be the definitive answer to appropriate representation of indigenous culture in communication design. Instead it aims to encourage a climate of learning through active practice to guide designers to produce informed, authentic and respectful outcomes in the future.

The role of the Charter is to assist design practitioners but it is also intended to promote understanding among practitioners, their clients and the buyers of design including governments, corporations, businesses and not-for-profit organisations. The cultural protocols included in this Charter recognise the diverse cultures and traditions of international indigenous worldwide and suggests that appropriate representation of indigenous peoples is best achieved when effective and respectful partnerships are established between relevant stakeholders.

The International Indigenous Design Charter is an open document, it will be reviewed on a regular basis and modified as required. Feedback and case study testimonials are welcome and will be acknowledged where appropriate and desired: