William Harald-Wong

WIlliamWilliam Harald-Wong (Malaysia) is an urban identity designer who consults on the shaping of distinctive Asian identities for new Asian cities and townships, enhancing the human and cultural experience of a place. He is a keen photographer who documents aspects of Southeast Asian culture. Projects include the search for the ‘lost’ Balinese dancers who were active in the early 1900s, and shamanistic healing rituals in Malaysia. His solo exhibition, Naga—the Serpent Spirit of Southeast Asia, was held at Sanwon Gallery in Seoul. Group exhibitions include Six Asian Designers (Osaka) and 33 Designers from around the World (Osaka & Tokyo). International Awards include: Designomics Leadership Award, World Brand Congress 2012, India; International Design Achievement Award 2009–2010, China; Lifetime Achievement Award, KL Design Week 2012, Malaysia. William was a Co-Founder of wREGA, the Graphic Design Association of Malaysia. He served as Vice-President of Icograda from 2001–2003 and is the Founder and Chairman of The Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia), a collaborative network of designers across 13 Asian countries. He served as Co-Curator for tDA Asia’s research project Colours of Asia, working in partnership with Hong Kong Design Institute. www.whwdesign.com


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